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Holiday fun

Jet Centre

During August we had lots of holiday fun starting with a trip to the Jet Centre. Our plans to Carnfunnock Park were abandoned due to our typical Northern Irish weather!! At the Jet Centre we started with a game of bowls where the kids were in a few teams. They showed their competitive sides as everyone wanted to win! After working up an appetite during bowling we enjoyed a lovely, tasty picnic lunch. With our tummies full we enjoyed watching the Queens Corgi in the cinema.The holiday fun continued with a dance off to the jukebox where they showed their best moves to everyone in the Jet Centre. They also had a ball spending their money and redeeming their tokens for lovely treats with sweets being the most popular!

Mini Medics

Holiday fun continued in August with a visit from Danny from Mini Medics in Ballymena. The children were split into two groups (young and old) and spent an hour each learning about inside human bodies. He talked about the importance of blood flowing around our bodies and how our organs work. Then we had fun with Annie (resuscitation doll) and learnt CPR and the recovery position. The children found this really good fun but was also a learning curve of what to do in an emergency.

Danny also showed us how a defibrillator works. This was very interesting, not only for the children, but also for the staff. Some lucky children got to wear a special T-shirt which showed up funny parts of inside our bodies on the I-pad.

Danny very kindly gave the children an activity book and a pen like a syringe. All the kids loved these and got to take them home to show off to Mums and Dads.

We had great holiday fun at Gracehill Afterschool Club this summer and now its back to school time!!!

Summer holidays

Summer holidays at Gracehill After School Club has got off to a great start. After a relaxing few days when school had finished, we had Science Starz come to visit. Mary showed all the kids how to make slime and started off by giving each child a white lab coat. What excitement as they all felt like real life mini scientists! Mary explained the process of making slime and each child went home with their very own pot of slime.


Summer holidays continued at Gracehill After School Club with an exciting visit to W5. We all boarded the big bus to Belfast with a few having a power nap on the way! On arriving at W5 we received our itinerary of all the activities we were to take part in all afternoon. After a picnic lunch of tasty sandwiches and biscuits we were ready to start our W5 journey.

First stop were workshops for all the children to participate in. The under 8 group learnt about living in space including toileting, washing and recycling! The kids found this very amusing talking about poo and pee!!

The over 8’s also learnt about the moon landing 50 years ago! They recreated moon buggies out of Knex and they then used these to compete in a race to collect rocks and the team who had the heaviest amount of rocks were the winners!

Summer holidays are not complete without a climbing adventure. The children enjoyed Climbit! so much that they all needed a well earned drink at the end. It was then time to have well supervised free play of all the different floors of W5 from water play to being shopkeepers, learning loads about science and how things work. We headed home after a very busy, enjoyable day.


Gracehill After School Club also were sponsors for Northend United football club during their week at the Foyle Cup in Londonderry.

Media Training with MCC Computers

Gracehill Afterschool Ballymena had an interesting day at Media Training with MCC Computers. Gillian and Samantha joined Philip at MCC Computers on Monday 3rd June. Catherine and Ruth-Anne from McMillan Interiors in Cullybackey also were present.

Media Training at MCC Computers started with Philip explaining how to build a campaign. We need to set goals and be organized. We also need to spend time working on our media. Gracehill Afterschool Club does not need to use all forms of media. The Media Training with MCC Computers taught us to look at our strengths and weaknesses.

The essentials for our media are our website, which was set up by MCC Computers. Also blogging and social media e.g. Facebook. We also discussed the importance of producing leaflets. Sometimes its good to speak face to face and promote the Afterschool.

Media Training with MCC Computers showed us how to use words to promote our business. Photos and videos are a great way to show off Gracehill Afterschool Club. Our business can be found on PC, tablet and other forms of technology.

Gracehill Afterschool Club can be found on the internet or Facebook. Why not have a look at What we offer.

Summer Time Fun

During the months of July and August we at Gracehill Afterschool Club have arranged some fun. We are looking forward to school finishing. We will be having days out to W5 and Carnfunnock Country Park in Larne. The children will enjoy workshops about space at W5. At Carnfunnock we will have a lovely picnic and lots of fun in the fresh air.

Science Starz will make an appearance the first week in July. The children will take part in scientific experiments. Then in August we will finish off our activities with Mini Medics . Take a look at their website. Maybe in the future we will have a few doctors or nurses!

Easter at Gracehill Afterschool Club.

What a great time we had over Easter at Gracehill Afterschool Club Ballymena. The weather was good so we were able to get outside. We went to the garden to play and have fun. A great time was had hunting around for delicious Easter eggs. We found them hidden in trees and the grass and many different places. Team games and football were the most popular activities for outside in the beautiful surroundings in Gracehill village.

Also during the Easter Holidays we had a special visit. Flossy Treats, a local business in Galgorm, joined us at Gracehill Afterschool Club Ballymena to help us make very tasty Easter eggs and chocolate pizzas. After melting the chocolate the children got to choose between milk or white chocolate. We were very lucky to be able to choose both. It was a hard decision which yummy sweets to put onto our chocolate creations!! We had the delight of eating all the leftover sweets. These definitely went down a treat. I wonder did many parents get to taste the beautiful chocolate?

During the Easter Holidays all the children had a helping hand in making lots of Easter crafts. Our beautiful display had butterflies, bumblebees, Easter eggs, flowers and a colourful rainbow. The children used paints, coloured paper and pens to make these lovely creative designs. The lovely weather got the children thinking of Spring and the colourful display reminds us of this.

Making buns and smores was also on the agenda for Easter at Gracehill Afterschool Club. The children made birds nest using shredded wheat, melted chocolate and topped off with Smarties mini eggs. An afternoon treat was making smores. We used digestive biscuits, chocolate spread and marshmallows. Everyone at Gracehill Afterschool Club agreed they were delicious!!

Holiday Club Ballymena

Gracehill Afterschool Club are looking forward to Easter at the holiday club Ballymena. Schools out which means fun time. We are excited to be having a visit from local business Flossy Treats on Tuesday 16th April. The kids will have fun making lots of chocolate treats to take home. All our kids from club are invited to this event. We cant wait to see how the chocolate pizzas turn out and more importantly, how they taste!!!

Everyone will also be busy during the holiday period making yummy birds nest buns with shredded wheat and chocolate and topped with mini eggs. We hope there will be plenty for staff as well. We will have a hunt around to see if the Easter bunny has left any nice surprises! There will be plenty of opportunities for Easter crafts. These can be displayed in the club or taken home from the holiday club Ballymena.

If the weather is good we will be outside playing our favourite games of rounders, football, tennis, either in the playground or the garden and getting lots of fresh air at the same time. Lets hope the sun makes appearance!!

To find out what else we do at Gracehill Afterschool Club check out What We Offer. You can also read an article Ballymena Today wrote about Gracehill After School Club. After a busy week of fun and excitement, we will then be closed Easter Monday and Tuesday. We reopen again on Wednesday bright and early at 7.30a.m.

If you would like any more information regarding the Gracehill Afterschool Club, or holiday club Ballymena, please feel free to call in at anytime. Gillian, Samantha or Sharon will be available to discuss any queries. You can also give us a call on 028 25638099 or email us at