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Gracehill Afterschool Club Ballymena had a lovely autumn week with loads of fun involved. The children had a brilliant time designing pumpkin faces.  A lot of hard work was put in to get the pumpkins ready for carving.  What a messy job with seeds everywhere!

The lovely colours made  autumn at Gracehill the ideal place for walks.  The children and staff spent time in the village square walking and playing in the golden leaves. Most days we were able to get outside and also enjoyed a walk around the village.

Autumn craft work was also on the go.  The children painted a lovely tree and using their fingers decorated it with colours of red, yellow, orange. Acorn characters were made to stick around the tree.  The children used their imagination to make these as funny or as interesting as possible,  The children loved making hedgehogs using their hand prints.

The children really enjoyed the baking activity over the holidays.  We took an ice cream cone and covered it in chocolate.  The children then rolled the chocolate cone in rainbow sprinkles. After this they placed the cone on top of a biscuit.  Chocolate fingers then had to be licked clean!

Green playdough was also made over the autumn week.  The children had great fun making the playdough.  More fun was had playing with it! Some great imaginations in Gracehill Afterschool Club.

Overall a great autumn week was had at Gracehill Afterschool Club Ballymena.