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easter at Gracehill

Great fun was had by all this Easter at Gracehill Afterschool Club Ballymena.  Lots of exciting activites were arranged.  The children loved making chocolate cheerio buns and they added mini marshmallows for toppings.  These were taken home to enjoy in the evening after tea.

Chocolate overload continued! The children made easter themed shaped chocolate sweets.  After melting the chocolate the children spooned it into the moulds.  There was carrots, bunnies and eggs.  The children enjoyed making these but most of all eating them.

As we had a few good days over the easter perio d the children had the opporunity to take part in an easter egg hunt.  Staff hid some creme eggs in the Gracehill Village Square.  The children were taken across in groups to hunt out the eggs.  The children had great fun trying to find the hidden eggs.

We also made time for walks in Gracehill. On the dry days we headed out for a walk and some fresh air.  The children like to walk around  The Bishop’s Walk and then we would end up either in the garden or school playgroup for some fun and games.

Easter was great fun at Gracehill Afterschool!

Autumn at Gracehill

Gracehill Afterschool Club Ballymena had a lovely autumn week with loads of fun involved. The children had a brilliant time designing pumpkin faces.  A lot of hard work was put in to get the pumpkins ready for carving.  What a messy job with seeds everywhere!

The lovely colours made  autumn at Gracehill the ideal place for walks.  The children and staff spent time in the village square walking and playing in the golden leaves. Most days we were able to get outside and also enjoyed a walk around the village.

Autumn craft work was also on the go.  The children painted a lovely tree and using their fingers decorated it with colours of red, yellow, orange. Acorn characters were made to stick around the tree.  The children used their imagination to make these as funny or as interesting as possible,  The children loved making hedgehogs using their hand prints.

The children really enjoyed the baking activity over the holidays.  We took an ice cream cone and covered it in chocolate.  The children then rolled the chocolate cone in rainbow sprinkles. After this they placed the cone on top of a biscuit.  Chocolate fingers then had to be licked clean!

Green playdough was also made over the autumn week.  The children had great fun making the playdough.  More fun was had playing with it! Some great imaginations in Gracehill Afterschool Club.

Overall a great autumn week was had at Gracehill Afterschool Club Ballymena.


Summer Activities 2023

Gracehill Afterschool club Ballymena had a fantastic summer despite the weather .  Pauline from  Jumping clay came along and made some lovely creations with the children. Some children made a cookie monster. Others made a ladybird.  Lots of time and effect was put into making these models. The children took these home to display in a special place.

Anna from Northern Ireland Water came for a visit. The children enjoyed an educational talk.  Anna did little quizzes with the children learning how to save water in our homes.  The children also learnt about what should not be flushed down the toilet.  Anna gave the children a timer for the shower, a gym bag and a water bottle. Thank you to Anna for a very informative talk.

Gracehill Afterschool Club children had a great day out at The Jungle in Moneymore.  We travelled by bus to take part in the Forest School activity.  Helen and her team had a great day of fun organised. The children enjoyed making their own paint and making decorations from wood. The older children learnt how to safely light a fire by using flint and steel.  Games were played at the Forest School where the  children had to hide and try not to be seen. The mud kitchen was a big hit with lots of delicious food being served up.A picnic lunch was enjoyed by all. A great day was had by all and we had a few sleepy heads on the way home!

We finished off our summer fun at Gracehill Afterschool club with a visit from James.  The children really enjoyed Fun with Drums and James kept everyone entertained with lots of different games.  Some of our children have really good rhythm and will maybe one day make great musicians.

The children at Gracehill completed lovely art work over the summer and some colourful pictures were put on display in the playroom.

Despite the weather we all had a great time over the summer at Gracehill Afterschool Club Ballymena.

November Holiday at Gracehill

Gracehill Afterschool Ballymena enjoyed some fun during November. Halloween holiday from school meant club was open full days. With lots of activites planned , the children and staff were in for a good week of entertainment. We started off the week with pumpkin carving. The children all wrote down what they would like to carve. This was then drawn out of a hat and the staff member helped to carve the design. Two beautiful pumpkins were created.

Gracehill Afterschool Club children love a talent show and so this was in the weeks activiites. All the children participated in the show. We have some wonderful singers, comedians and we were entertained with great gymnastic moves. Lots of Talented Children at Gracehill.

During our November Holiday at Gracehill we had a spa day. The children loved having their nails painted and lots of different colours were used. Everyone enjoyed the foot spa treatment and one go just wasn’t enough! Lovely fruit animals were made and the children then got to eat their creation. We all went home relaxed that evening!

November Holiday at Gracehill wouldn’t be complete without some baking. Fairy cakes were baked and when cooled the children had the opportunity to turn them into spiders. They covered the top of the fairy cake with white fondant icing and then added red laces for legs. Icing pens were used to give the spider a face. We also received some lovely halloween shortbread from Irons Bakery, Harryville. These were very tasty and enjoyed by children and staff.

Gracehill Afterschool club enjoyed the mild autumn weather. It was great to get out walking in Gracehill and enjoy games in the playground with a well earned hot chocolate afterwards.

The children really enjoyed November Holiday at Gracehill Afterschool Club Ballymena.

Easter Excitement

Easter Excitement began at Gracehill Afterschool Club Ballymena when schools finished for two weeks holiday. The children were very excited to be off. Easter preparations were underway. Lots of painting and colouring of Easter eggs took place. Bunting made the club look great as the Easter Excitement continued.

Gracehill Afterschool Club children enjoyed making their own Easter Excitement. Bunny ears and lots of pictures were made and coloured. Easter baskets made from junk art. A good hiding place for the chocolate eggs! The children made a lovely colourful wall display. ‘ Every Child Is an Artist’ was the title.

Easter Excitement continued with a trip away. The sports hut in Ballymena was a great day out. The children and staff had a brilliant time. With the children in two groups, Nerfs Wars and games were organised. A picnic lunch was much needed after a lot of running around. A lot of tired children and staff returned to club in the afternoon.

Baking was also included in the Easter Excitement. Yummy Rolo cookies were made and taken home. They tasted delicious with the toffee and chocolate all melted inside. Some cookies didn’t make it as far as home!

Christmas Craic at Gracehill

Gracehill Afterschool Club Ballymena had a very busy few weeks. Christmas Craic at the club was fantastic. The children began at the start of December putting up the Christmas decorations. The adults were very excited too. The coloured lights were put on the trees and the beautiful baubles were added. It was then time for the other decorations to be made. Great fun was had by the children when making paper chains. These looked great when we put them up in the afterschool club. It was beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Christmas Craic continued at Gracehill Ballymena with the display work. Santa’s postbox was painted all ready for the letters from the boys and girls. The little elf was looking well in his green hat and outfit. Snowmen were painted and made from bottle tops. Santa’s naughty and nice list was written. The staff all ended up on the naughty list for some reason! A lovely colourful, Christmas display was completed as part of Gracehill’s Christmas Craic.

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without a dinner. The staff prepared and cooked a lovely Christmas dinner with all the trimmings. The children who were in club on the last day before our holidays enjoyed this yummy dinner. The pudding was even better. Ice cream and a Cadbury’s flake. Delicious!

Christmas Craic at Gracehill afterschool club was finished off with a few party games. Musical chairs and statues was enjoyed and pass the parcel went down a treat. A few nibbles were eaten in the afternoon along with a movie to finish off the day.

Gracehill afterschool club had fantastic Christmas Craic this year!

Super Summer Fun

Super Summer Fun at Gracehill Afterschool Club Ballymena started with the shorts and t shirts on and the sun shining. The weather was fantastic and so the children were ready for super summer fun. Picnics in the village square were enjoyed under the shade of large trees.

Super summer fun was had when Carnival Promotions paid a visit. Lots of laughter could be heard at the magic show and the children loved winning prizes. We had so much fun that we invited them back for a disco. With colourful lights and loud music the children had a brilliant time dancing and playing games.

Leah our student, got the children to help paint and cut out some beach balls which were used to make a game. The children really enjoyed playing the beach ball game and competing against each other to see who would be the winner.

Gracehill Afterschool Club’s super summer fun continued with lots of art activities. These included lovely sand pictures being made. Lighthouses, seagulls and boats were all made and some taken home for mums and dads. Super summer fun was had by lots of children who helped with the display. Painting and decorating the display is always greatly enjoyed and a beautiful postcard was created to put on the wall.

We finished off our Super summer fun with a BBQ. Burgers and sausages were well received and enjoyed by all at club. A great summer was had by all at Gracehill Afterschool Club Ballymena.

Fun Activities at Gracehill

Fun Activities at Gracehill Afterschool Club Ballymena commenced with the children making a new display. The children decided that Space would be the theme. After a lot of research the children were ready to begin. Paint was mixed, and planets were drawn. The space display was starting to take shape. Great fun was had getting all the planets in the right position. The display looked fantastic with the black background and all the planets added. The astronaut finished the display off nicely.

Baking of course was also on the list for Fun activities at Gracehill. The cup cakes were purchased and sheep and ladybirds were created. Icing and mini marshmallows were used to make the sheep, finishing them off with two sweetie eyes. The ladybirds needed bright red fondant icing and again sweets were used to finish off. The children took they treats home and they were really enjoyed. These yummy buns reminded us spring and summer was near.

Fun activities at Gracehill Afterschool Club Ballymena continued with lots of creative work. The Lego is very popular and lots of master pieces built. Arts and crafts still were designed and lots of great pictures were drawn and designed. Some children had a great idea! They decided to use the janga blocks to make a tower. The aim was to be able to use all the blocks. The building work began with a few falling blocks to start with. With a lot of Perseverance the tower was completed with a photograph taken to show of the hard work.

Congratulations also goes to Samantha and Sharon who completed their Level 5 in childcare and Shannon who completed her Level 3 in childcare. Well done to the 3 girls on their achievement.

More Fun activities at Gracehill to follow!

Easter at Gracehill

Easter at Gracehill Afterschool Club Ballymena started with the children getting two weeks off school. Plans were made at club to have lots of Easter fun.

The children, with help from the staff got our new Easter bunny game ready. With aprons on and paint brushes at the ready they were set to get painting. A lovely colourful bunny was created. Easter Fun at Gracehill was ready to begin with lots of very competitive children.

The Easter fun continued at Gracehill Afterschool Club with some baking. The children really love the baking activities at club. Melted Chocolate and shredded wheat were mixed together. Bun cases were filled with the yummy mixture and mini eggs were added to the top. The children got to take these home to share with mummy and daddy!

Easter at Gracehill wouldn’t be the same without an Easter egg! At club the children used icing pens to decorate the chocolate egg. Jelly tots and smarties were used to decorate the eggs. Sprinkles were then put on to finish off the master pieces.

Gracehill Afterschool Club continued the Easter fun with water play. The children were very excited to have the water tray out for a mornings entertainment. The toy ducks, boats and the pouring cups were all used to provide great enjoyment. Even with the aprons on we had a few wet sleeves!

A lovely bright, colourful Easter display was also designed. The staff and children had a lot of Easter fun putting the display together. A beautiful apple blossom tree was painted. The children then added on bunny rabbits and chicks to make it complete. The display reminded us all that Spring was here!

Great Easter fun was had by all at Gracehill Afterschool Club.

February Half Term

Gracehill Afterschool Club Ballymena had an exciting February Half term. A well earned break from home schooling, and a lot of planned activities organised for the week. It was going to be a great half term week at Gracehill!

February half term started with nice new playdough. Carly was in charge of making the colourful playdough. The children really enjoyed making pretend buns and cakes. Each child then kept their own playdough in a bag. This then could be used by the child another day. This was great fun and so relaxing!

Gracehill February half term wouldn’t have been complete without yummy homemade pancakes. Pancake Tuesday was a great excuse for Shannon to get on her apron and get baking. Chocolate spread, butter and sugar or syrup were some of the toppings available. Everyone went home with full bellies. Staff included!

Gracehill Afterschool Club Ballymena also enjoyed a few lovely walks. Gracehill Village is a beautiful place to take a walk. Coats on and the sun in the sky made the walk very pleasant . The hot chocolate back in club was gladly received, not forgetting the marshmallows on top.

February Half Term Talent show was really enjoyable. With so many talented children the show could have gone on for ages. We had dancing, jokes, magic tricks, art and singing. The staff enjoyed watching the wonderful talents the children displayed.

Gracehill Afterschool Club always like to play games. A couple of new games were made. The heart game was popular and with valentines day in February it was very appropriate.

Baking also took place at February half term. Cornflake buns were made and fairy cakes were decorated. Yummy buns to take home and enjoy!

What a busy February half term at Gracehill Afterschool Club Ballymena!