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Great fun was had by all this Easter at Gracehill Afterschool Club Ballymena.  Lots of exciting activites were arranged.  The children loved making chocolate cheerio buns and they added mini marshmallows for toppings.  These were taken home to enjoy in the evening after tea.

Chocolate overload continued! The children made easter themed shaped chocolate sweets.  After melting the chocolate the children spooned it into the moulds.  There was carrots, bunnies and eggs.  The children enjoyed making these but most of all eating them.

As we had a few good days over the easter perio d the children had the opporunity to take part in an easter egg hunt.  Staff hid some creme eggs in the Gracehill Village Square.  The children were taken across in groups to hunt out the eggs.  The children had great fun trying to find the hidden eggs.

We also made time for walks in Gracehill. On the dry days we headed out for a walk and some fresh air.  The children like to walk around  The Bishop’s Walk and then we would end up either in the garden or school playgroup for some fun and games.

Easter was great fun at Gracehill Afterschool!