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Summer Activities 2023

Gracehill Afterschool club Ballymena had a fantastic summer despite the weather .  Pauline from  Jumping clay came along and made some lovely creations with the children. Some children made a cookie monster. Others made a ladybird.  Lots of time and effect was put into making these models. The children took these home to display in a special place.

Anna from Northern Ireland Water came for a visit. The children enjoyed an educational talk.  Anna did little quizzes with the children learning how to save water in our homes.  The children also learnt about what should not be flushed down the toilet.  Anna gave the children a timer for the shower, a gym bag and a water bottle. Thank you to Anna for a very informative talk.

Gracehill Afterschool Club children had a great day out at The Jungle in Moneymore.  We travelled by bus to take part in the Forest School activity.  Helen and her team had a great day of fun organised. The children enjoyed making their own paint and making decorations from wood. The older children learnt how to safely light a fire by using flint and steel.  Games were played at the Forest School where the  children had to hide and try not to be seen. The mud kitchen was a big hit with lots of delicious food being served up.A picnic lunch was enjoyed by all. A great day was had by all and we had a few sleepy heads on the way home!

We finished off our summer fun at Gracehill Afterschool club with a visit from James.  The children really enjoyed Fun with Drums and James kept everyone entertained with lots of different games.  Some of our children have really good rhythm and will maybe one day make great musicians.

The children at Gracehill completed lovely art work over the summer and some colourful pictures were put on display in the playroom.

Despite the weather we all had a great time over the summer at Gracehill Afterschool Club Ballymena.

November Holiday at Gracehill

Gracehill Afterschool Ballymena enjoyed some fun during November. Halloween holiday from school meant club was open full days. With lots of activites planned , the children and staff were in for a good week of entertainment. We started off the week with pumpkin carving. The children all wrote down what they would like to carve. This was then drawn out of a hat and the staff member helped to carve the design. Two beautiful pumpkins were created.

Gracehill Afterschool Club children love a talent show and so this was in the weeks activiites. All the children participated in the show. We have some wonderful singers, comedians and we were entertained with great gymnastic moves. Lots of Talented Children at Gracehill.

During our November Holiday at Gracehill we had a spa day. The children loved having their nails painted and lots of different colours were used. Everyone enjoyed the foot spa treatment and one go just wasn’t enough! Lovely fruit animals were made and the children then got to eat their creation. We all went home relaxed that evening!

November Holiday at Gracehill wouldn’t be complete without some baking. Fairy cakes were baked and when cooled the children had the opportunity to turn them into spiders. They covered the top of the fairy cake with white fondant icing and then added red laces for legs. Icing pens were used to give the spider a face. We also received some lovely halloween shortbread from Irons Bakery, Harryville. These were very tasty and enjoyed by children and staff.

Gracehill Afterschool club enjoyed the mild autumn weather. It was great to get out walking in Gracehill and enjoy games in the playground with a well earned hot chocolate afterwards.

The children really enjoyed November Holiday at Gracehill Afterschool Club Ballymena.


On Wednesday 3rd August Gracehill Afterschool Club Ballymena set off to W5 in Belfast. The Logans bus arrived and 25 very excited children were ready to go. We arrived at W5 just before 11am, after a loud bus journey!

Once inside we met a staff member from W5 who very kindly showed us to our area. He gave the children a quick safety talk and we then had an itinerary to help make our day enjoyable. After a snack and drink the children were ready for action. We headed up to the top floor of the building and into the first area. Lots of great fun was had as the children explored all the different activities. It was then down to Climbit for another half hour of fun. The children really loved this, as they climbed and made their way up through to see who could make it to the top. By the end of this we were all ready for another drink and lunch.

After our picnic lunch the batteries had been recharged and the children were ready for off again. it was time for The Lost planet. An hour in the soft play area was the highlight of the day! The children made their up to the top of the play area, through tunnels, up ladders and then had great fun coming down the long winding slides. A drink was well earned after The Lost Planet.

With a couple of hours left we headed back up to the fairy tale area. ‘ Over the hills and far away’ was like a fairy tale adventure with Snow White, Peter Pan and lots of fairy tale characters. The children had a brilliant time building castles with blocks and completing the three little pigs house.

Gracehill Afterschool had a fantastic day at W5.

Easter Excitement

Easter Excitement began at Gracehill Afterschool Club Ballymena when schools finished for two weeks holiday. The children were very excited to be off. Easter preparations were underway. Lots of painting and colouring of Easter eggs took place. Bunting made the club look great as the Easter Excitement continued.

Gracehill Afterschool Club children enjoyed making their own Easter Excitement. Bunny ears and lots of pictures were made and coloured. Easter baskets made from junk art. A good hiding place for the chocolate eggs! The children made a lovely colourful wall display. ‘ Every Child Is an Artist’ was the title.

Easter Excitement continued with a trip away. The sports hut in Ballymena was a great day out. The children and staff had a brilliant time. With the children in two groups, Nerfs Wars and games were organised. A picnic lunch was much needed after a lot of running around. A lot of tired children and staff returned to club in the afternoon.

Baking was also included in the Easter Excitement. Yummy Rolo cookies were made and taken home. They tasted delicious with the toffee and chocolate all melted inside. Some cookies didn’t make it as far as home!

Christmas Craic at Gracehill

Gracehill Afterschool Club Ballymena had a very busy few weeks. Christmas Craic at the club was fantastic. The children began at the start of December putting up the Christmas decorations. The adults were very excited too. The coloured lights were put on the trees and the beautiful baubles were added. It was then time for the other decorations to be made. Great fun was had by the children when making paper chains. These looked great when we put them up in the afterschool club. It was beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Christmas Craic continued at Gracehill Ballymena with the display work. Santa’s postbox was painted all ready for the letters from the boys and girls. The little elf was looking well in his green hat and outfit. Snowmen were painted and made from bottle tops. Santa’s naughty and nice list was written. The staff all ended up on the naughty list for some reason! A lovely colourful, Christmas display was completed as part of Gracehill’s Christmas Craic.

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without a dinner. The staff prepared and cooked a lovely Christmas dinner with all the trimmings. The children who were in club on the last day before our holidays enjoyed this yummy dinner. The pudding was even better. Ice cream and a Cadbury’s flake. Delicious!

Christmas Craic at Gracehill afterschool club was finished off with a few party games. Musical chairs and statues was enjoyed and pass the parcel went down a treat. A few nibbles were eaten in the afternoon along with a movie to finish off the day.

Gracehill afterschool club had fantastic Christmas Craic this year!

Super Summer Fun

Super Summer Fun at Gracehill Afterschool Club Ballymena started with the shorts and t shirts on and the sun shining. The weather was fantastic and so the children were ready for super summer fun. Picnics in the village square were enjoyed under the shade of large trees.

Super summer fun was had when Carnival Promotions paid a visit. Lots of laughter could be heard at the magic show and the children loved winning prizes. We had so much fun that we invited them back for a disco. With colourful lights and loud music the children had a brilliant time dancing and playing games.

Leah our student, got the children to help paint and cut out some beach balls which were used to make a game. The children really enjoyed playing the beach ball game and competing against each other to see who would be the winner.

Gracehill Afterschool Club’s super summer fun continued with lots of art activities. These included lovely sand pictures being made. Lighthouses, seagulls and boats were all made and some taken home for mums and dads. Super summer fun was had by lots of children who helped with the display. Painting and decorating the display is always greatly enjoyed and a beautiful postcard was created to put on the wall.

We finished off our Super summer fun with a BBQ. Burgers and sausages were well received and enjoyed by all at club. A great summer was had by all at Gracehill Afterschool Club Ballymena.